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John Helgren


     My name is John Helgren, founder of Dremscape Pictures.  I have spent the past 25 years traveling the world filming award winning documentaries and photgraphing the wonders of this beautiful planet.  I have filmed and photographed in over 70 countries on all seven continents.  I specialize in wildlife, scenic landscapes, unique people, elegant weddings, events, travel and adventure photography.  My work has been displayed on a number of international media outlets including Discovery Channel, National Geographic Explorer, Animal Planet, The Outdoor Channel, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and many more.

     My journeys have allowed me to experience the most amazing aspects of life, and brought me face to face with death.  I have filmed wild animals in the jungles of Africa, photographed nomadic herders in the most remote regions of Siberia and walked with the penguins on the frozen tundra of Antarctica.  I have felt the adrenalin rush of plummeting towards earth at 120 miles per hour while filming a skydive, crashing the highest class rapids on the Zambezi River and zip lining through the canopies of the Central American rain forest.  I have walked the edge of death while being chased by rhinos in Zimbabwe, feeding sharks on the Great Barrier Reef and swimming with the piranha in the Amazon.  And have known the ultimate thrill of living while soaring like an eagle hangliding over the cliffs of the Coral Sea, dangling from a bungee cord in the northern territories of Australia and sharing a meal of grub worms with the aborigines of the Outback.


     These are the experiences I would like to share with those interested in learning more about the endless possibilities of capturing amazing images on film, and experiencing the ultimate thrill of living!

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